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"The Iron Throne" ist das Serienfinale der amerikanischen Fantasy-Drama-Fernsehserie Game of Thrones. Es ist die sechste Folge der achten Staffel und die Gesamtfolge der Serie. Es wurde von David Benioff und DB Weiss geschrieben und inszeniert. Nach acht Jahren ist die Saga am Ende: "Game of Thrones" ist im großen Finale angekommen. Ist es der Serie würdig? Achtung, Spoiler. das Finale ein flaues Gefühl? Hier kommen die größten Probleme von "Game of Thrones", Staffel 8, Episode 6: "Der Eiserne Thron". Trotz Fan-Unmut: Das Finale von Game of Thrones gibt vielen Charakteren und der ganzen Serie einen würdigen Abschluss. Die letzte Folge von "Game of Thrones" ist da, der Kampf um den Thron zur finalen Episode von "GoT", die den Titel "Der eiserne Thron" trägt.

Got Finale

Trotz Fan-Unmut: Das Finale von Game of Thrones gibt vielen Charakteren und der ganzen Serie einen würdigen Abschluss. Die letzte Folge von "Game of Thrones" ist da, der Kampf um den Thron zur finalen Episode von "GoT", die den Titel "Der eiserne Thron" trägt. "Game of Thrones" ist zu Ende - und das Finale spaltet Fans und Filmwelt. Hier Kritik und Reaktionen zur letzten Folge von GoT. Achtung. Got Finale Game over: "Game of Thrones" ist zu Ende gegangen! Das geschah in der allerletzten Folge "Der Eiserne Thron" der achten und letzten Staffel. Das 'Game of Thrones'-Finale hätte noch viel mieser sein können. Das jetzt veröffentlichte Drehbuch zeigt, wie das Alternative Ende der Serie. "Game of Thrones" ist zu Ende - und das Finale spaltet Fans und Filmwelt. Hier Kritik und Reaktionen zur letzten Folge von GoT. Achtung. GOT: Wie sich herausstellt, sind Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, & Co mit Staffel 8 „Game of Thrones“-Finale: Bei den Darstellern scheint große. Game of Thrones“ ist AUS! Millionen sahen weltweit schon in der Nacht zu Montag das Finale der größten Serie der Welt. Das passiert in der.

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Daenerys Final Moments - Game of Thrones Season 8 Ep 6 Finale - The Iron Throne And looking back at the series will never be the. By Will Thorne. The Iron Throne I'll stop the world and melt with you. Retrieved March 28, Drogon is alive and. But that's not what "Iron Throne" learn more here. You may be able to find article source information read article their web site. Jaime kills Euron but learn more here himself mortally wounded. Tyrion sieht das anders. Auch in den Staffeln zuvor gab es Bündnisse, bei denen man sich fragen durfte, warum da Leute click here einmal der- oder demjenigen Folgen. Es scheint da also doch Hintertür zu geben Dass sie die Erkundung here Mysteriums allerdings selbst in die Hand nehmen würde, hatte wohl niemand kommen sehen — denn a hatte Arya nie Erfahrung in der Captain America 2 Stream sammeln können, die über die eines Passagiers hinausginge, und b gab es gute Gründe dafür, warum diese Ecke des Planeten bisher nie erfolgreich hatte erkundet werden können. Ok Um Ihnen click to see more besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Nachdem Sams Idee der Demokratie von allen nur ausgelacht wird, entscheidet ein Rat, in dem praktischerweise quasi nur bekannte Figuren sitzen, read more für Tyrions Vorschlag. Sansa wird in einer ergreifenden Szene zum Schluss als Königin des Nordens gezeigt. Fazit: Ich verstehe hier nicht, wo das ein Fehler sein sollen.

It was as messy and broken our world is now. For many fans, it is likely enough. Everybody who was good got their reward.

Dany got her recompense. But that's not what "Iron Throne" did. It didn't gracefully swerve into another lane, it careened off a cliff.

And looking back at the series will never be the same. Tyrion, as you might imagine, is particularly devastated. He and Davos come upon Grey Worm and the Unsullied about to execute a group of Lannister soldiers, even though they've surrendered.

Grey Worm is still in rage mode and says he's simply acting on Dany's orders to kill everyone who served Cersei.

Tyrion is not impressed, ripping off his Hand of the Queen badge when Dany confronts him about releasing Jaime.

Dany has the Unsullied take him away. Jon goes to see Tyrion in his makeshift cell, and Tyrion uses what he thinks to be the last few moments of his life trying to convince Jon to murder Dany.

He says Dany has killed more people than Tywin and Cersei combined, that she's all fire and blood. He quotes the Night's Watch oath, reminding Jon that he's always tried to save people, and killing Dany could save many.

Tyrion also admits what most fans had theorized since the infamous boat scene in Season 7: That he's in love with Dany.

Jon remembers something Maester Aemon said all the way back in Season 1: "Love is the death of duty. Jon confronts Dany, who is on the verge of finally sitting on the magically intact Iron Throne when he barges in.

She's giddy and tries to reminisce about her childhood dreams of what the Iron Throne might look like, but he moves the conversation squarely into the realm of dead children and burned cities.

He's looking for remorse or reasoning — anything to convince him to keep following her. Instead, Dany babbles about some kind of utopia she'll create before begging him to take her back and love her again.

Of all the betrayals of Dany's character this season, her angry ex-girlfriend mood is the worst.

He says she'll always be his queen, kisses her and then stabs her. Drogon immediately knows something has happened. He climbs into the throne room and nudges her body, trying to wake her, in the most genuinely emotional moment of the whole episode.

When he realizes she's dead, he roars, and for a moment it looks like he may burn Jon alive. Instead, he directs his fire toward … the Iron Throne, melting it.

The Iron Throne is definitely a symbol of what killed Drogon's mama, but the man who actually killed her was standing right there.

Well, a dragon can melt it. Or something. Sometimes a white horse is just a white horse, apparently. Her big job in this episode is to say: "I know a killer when I see one.

Much like Cersei's death last week, Dany's demise felt like a dull, anticlimactic end for such a heavily invested character. Daenerys Targaryen came into the world with a storm, and she went out with a thud.

What are the Unsullied eating? How long does it take the news of the massacre to spread? Oh, and seriously, what are the people eating?

Weren't we all really worried about winter? Grey Worm and the Unsullied want Tyrion's and Jon's heads, but there's the messy question of who has the authority to order their executions.

Tyrion suggests that the assembled lords and ladies just pick someone to rule. There's a wonderful and awkward moment where Edmure starts to make a pitch for himself before Sansa shushes him.

Sam suggests democracy but is immediately laughed off. Eventually, everyone turns back to Tyrion, and he makes a big speech before suggesting Bran.

That's a full 14 years before Game of Thrones would premiere its pilot episode. And yet, the show only used this information to give Jon an opportunity to ride a dragon.

It's true that he posed the greatest threat to Daenerys's claim to the Iron Throne, but she showed no sign of using that information against him.

Plus, he didn't have to to kill her; anyone including Arya wearing someone's face could've snuck up on her in the Throne Room.

Perhaps Jon's Targaryen blood kept Drogon from killing him after he stabbed Daenerys, but even if Drogon had, would it have made a difference?

Jon returned to the Night's Watch a move we'll get to in a moment as if his journey over the last eight seasons never happened at all.

Jon's sentence begs another question: What is the purpose of the Night's Watch if the White Walkers are gone? Jon himself asks this question, to which Tyrion gives the lamest response of all time: "The world will always need a home for bastards and broken men.

Shouldn't they buried under tons of rubble? This is less of a plot hole and more just bad writing, but as andreagonram points out on Twitter, the show could've given Arya a dozen different, worthy conclusions.

Instead, it made her a colonizer. Arya the Conquistador. Alright then GameOfThrones. Arya went off to be a colonizer.

Argue with yourselves. Also, the final season made no use of Arya's time with the Faceless Men, another lost opportunity. Oh, and let's not forget that the White Horse at the end of Episode 5 was completely pointless:.

GameofThrones DemThrones pic. In conclusion: The final season of Game of Thrones was a disgrace.

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Season 8. Region 1 DVD cover. See List of Game of Thrones cast. List of Game of Thrones episodes. Dave Hill. Upon reaching Winterfell with their combined armies, Jon and Daenerys learn the Army of the Dead has breached the Wall, and the Night King commands the undead Viserion.

The Northern Houses and their allies rally around Winterfell but distrust Daenerys and doubt Cersei's pledge to send troops.

Euron returns to King's Landing with the Golden Company and entices Cersei to consummate their union. Cersei, through Qyburn, hires Bronn to assassinate Tyrion and Jaime.

There, Jon is reunited with Arya. Jon and Daenerys ride the dragons and deepen their bond. Daenerys wants to reward Sam for saving Jorah then realizes that she executed his father and brother.

Sam tells Jon that he is actually Aegon Targaryen. They find the castle's occupants dead, and the wight of Ned Umber is left as a gruesome message.

Jaime arrives at Winterfell where Bran awaits him. Jaime reveals Cersei's deception to the Targaryen-Stark alliance and joins them after Brienne vouches for his honor.

Jaime apologizes to Bran for crippling him; Bran replies he harbors no anger and says they are no longer the same people.

Daenerys no longer trusts Tyrion's judgment for his having believed Cersei, but Jorah asks that she forgive Tyrion's mistakes.

Citing their mutual love for Jon, Daenerys tries to gain Sansa's trust, but Sansa says the North vowed never to bow to anyone again.

Theon, Edd, Tormund, and Beric arrive at Winterfell, with the latter three reporting the undead army's impending arrival.

Theon and the Ironborn will protect Bran. Arya seduces Gendry, wanting to experience it before they die. Jaime formally anoints Brienne as a knight.

As the Army of the Dead approaches, Jon reveals his true lineage to Daenerys, who realizes that he has a claim to the Iron Throne.

He was "very bummed" that he didn't get a final scene with Littlefinger played by Aiden Gillen or even a reaction to his death. It was kind of frustrating.

The actor added that he loved his scenes with Peter Dinklage's Tyrion Lannister where they discussed being freaks and outsiders so "precisely.

Martin's source material. That added to my dismay. But that was frustrating for a couple seasons. It sounds like I am.

Lena Headey was expecting more from the death of her character, longstanding villain Cersei Lannister. She told Entertainment Weekly that her initial reaction to the script was "mixed" and that she "wanted her to have some big piece or fight with somebody.

However, after discussing the scene with co-star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Headey realized that was "the perfect end" for her character.

Nathalie Emmanuel, whose lovable Missandei was executed in Episode 4, also wished her character had more time with Daenerys or even Cersei.

She elaborated to the outlet in another interview :. Joe Dempsie, known as Gendry Baratheon, also spoke his mind about the previous season.

Joe tried to warn us Joe: character development?

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