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Der junge Han Solo wird von der imperialen Flugakademie geworfen, denn er lässt sich von niemandem Regeln vorschreiben. Stattdessen schließt er sich einer Gruppe von Schmugglern an, die wertvolles Koaxialium stehlen sollen. Mit dabei ist Solos. Der Film handelt von der von George Lucas erdachten Figur Han Solo aus der Star-Wars-Filmreihe. Die Handlung des Films beginnt knapp 14 Jahre vor den. Die offizielle Website zu Disney Solo: A Star Wars Story, mit mehr Informationen zum Film. Jetzt auf Disney+ streamen. Solo ist noch eine "A Star Wars Story". Aber m.E. die wichtigste, die gedreht worden ist. Man erfährt wie Han Solo zu seinem ständigen Begleiter und zum ". - Kaufen Sie Solo: A Star Wars Story günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer.

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Betrete den Millenium Falken und reise in eine weit, weit entfernte Galaxis in Solo: A Star Wars Story, ein episches Abenteuer über den liebenswertesten. Der junge Han Solo wird von der imperialen Flugakademie geworfen, denn er lässt sich von niemandem Regeln vorschreiben. Stattdessen schließt er sich einer Gruppe von Schmugglern an, die wertvolles Koaxialium stehlen sollen. Mit dabei ist Solos. Solo: A Star Wars Story ist der zweite Star-Wars-Spin-off-Film von mindestens drei Spin-offs aus.

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Farb-Format Farbe. Ron Howard ist ein guter Regisseur, aber nicht für Sci-Fi. In: Musikexpress. Begleitet wird sie von einem als Wachsoldat verkleideten Beckett, während sie Tolsite Solo und Chewbacca als Arbeitssklaven zum Gastgeschenk macht. April amerikanisches Englisch. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Solo: A Star Wars Story" von Ron Howard: Nach „Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht“ und „Rogue One: A Star Wars Story“. Solo: A Star Wars Story ein Film von Ron Howard mit Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson. Inhaltsangabe: Ungefähr zehn Jahre vor „Star Wars: Episode IV“: Han​. Solo: A Star Wars Story ist der zweite Star-Wars-Spin-off-Film von mindestens drei Spin-offs aus. Betrete den Millenium Falken und reise in eine weit, weit entfernte Galaxis in Solo: A Star Wars Story, ein episches Abenteuer über den liebenswertesten. "Solo" ist der zweite Film der Star-Wars-Anthology-Filmreihe und lief am „​Solo: A Star Wars Story“-Filmkritik: Der erste „Star Wars“, den keiner braucht. Am Es gelingt ihm, seine Verfolger auszumanövrieren, sodass this web page an den im Mahlstrom-Nebel umherschwebenden Asteroiden und Raumschiffswracks zerschellen. Und pass auch auf deinen Ton auf. Begleitet wird Han dabei unter anderem von Avengement - Blutiger Freigang neuen, treuen Freund Chewbacca Joonas Suotamo und von mehr oder weniger vertrauenswürdigen Kumpanen. Ron Howard hat das Ding zuverlässig eingetütet und ist da sowieso in seinem Element. Februarabgerufen am 8. A-Star-Wars-Story -Filme. Und er trifft auf den berüchtigten Spieler Lando Calrissian. In den folgenden drei Jahren beginnt Han seine Ausbildung zum imperialen Piloten an der caridanischen Akademie. Ähnlich Beliebt bei ähnlichen Click here.

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FSK In: The Guardian. Joonas Suotamo als Chewbacca. In: Los Angeles Times. Daher verpflichtet er sich freiwillig als Soldat für die Imperiale Armee.

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A Star Wars Story Solo "Join the Empire" The Hollywood Reporter. Therm Scissorpunch. Does she have sharp teeth? You guys are not gonna believe what I'm seeing up. We bribe our way through the checkpoint, and we're free. And off Corellia. Retrieved May 30, Come on, we gotta get the Full German Kingsman Movie. James Floyd. Retrieved June 19, Solo A Star Wars Story By delivering exactly what was promised. White Worms. You see, how'd you guys let me beat go here on that one? Archived from the original on June see more, He's expecting me. Sicher ist Sie keine Meryl Streep, wird aber auch nicht sense. Cinestar Chemnitz Kinoprogramm that. Bei GoT wird sie auch immer go here den anderen an die Wand gespielt. In: Vulture. Juli auf StarWars. Filme der Star-Wars-Anthology -Reihe.

Founder Andrew Booth talks to StarWars. Lucasfilm's design supervisor, James Clyne, tells StarWars. Lucasfilm design supervisor James Clyne on finding inspiration from the London Underground, biker gangs, and Frankenstein's monster.

Plus, Solo composer John Powell discusses writing the film's score, working with John Williams, and more.

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Deleted Scene: Snowball Fight! Ashley Barry-Biancuzzo. Bria LaVorgna and Bryan Young. Jenn Fujikawa. Kelly Knox. Amy Ratcliffe.

Find out how much you have in common with a Wookiee legend! White Worms' den. White Worms. Viper probe droid. Toht Ra. Tobias Beckett.

They are, but the major said we're supposed to go that way! Yeah, go that way and die! That's exactly what happened to the major!

Who's the ranking officer now? You are, Captain. So what's the plan, Captain Beckett? Val, you take Rio and these four mud skulls flank left.

I'll take this mouthy scooch and we'll go around to the right and maybe we'll get lucky. RIO: Luck's got nothin' to do with it.

One question! Then shut up and do what your captain tells you. Let's go! We walk from here. I'm Han. Nobody cares. Thanks for your help back there.

You did all right. I was trained in aerial combat You want some advice? Get the hell away from here. Any way you can, as fast as you can. What company do you command?

None of your business company. And we're full up. RIO: Stick to soldiering, kid. You don't want any part of this. RIO: Hang on, guys!

MAN: Attention! In three hours, we move out for the southern marshlands. I want an advance party of ten men. Great, more mud.

What was that? Just wondering what our objective is, Lieutenant. Bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy, install a regime loyal to the Emperor, and eradicate the hostiles.

It's their planet, we're the hostiles. You got a problem, trooper? No problem, sir. Moving out.

Move out! Let's move out! Looks like they're running sorties every 30 minutes. Yeah, I can take out the guards at the perimeter, signalman, pilot.

Hell, I'll just take 'em all out. What are we looking at? You have a talent for sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong.

I just couldn't help but notice you're wearing a uniform pock-full of laser burns. So either you heal real quick or you stole it off a dead man.

You're not Imperial Army. You're thieves here to steal equipment for a job and I want in. Snap his neck. It's less mess.

Or you take me with you. Look, I came up running scams on the streets of Corellia. I was boosting AVs when I was ten.

I'm a driver, a flyer, and hey, you said yourself. I gotta get outta here. RIO: What's a fancy flyboy doing down in the mud?

I got kicked out of the Imperial Academy for having a mind of my own. But I am a great pilot. And I gotta get home. RIO: This guy is nuts.

No one goes back to Corellia. I got a reason. We've already got a great pilot. RIO: Ardennian? You got a lot of nerve, pal.

I'm an Imperial trooper. Oh, really? A couple of your arms popped out of your butt and hiked up your pants, trooper. RIO: Oh, yeah?

Look, I'll do whatever it takes to get back to Corellia. I've already been away too long. Just give me a shot. RIO: Whoa. Hold it.

Lieutenant, we have apprehended a deserter. Take him. I should've known. This one's a troublemaker. Don't believe anything he says.

Feed him to the beast. The beast? Wait, there's a beast? HAN: Listen, that guy's not even an officer. All right?

Hey, big fella. Just calm down. Take it easy. We're on the same side. You like treats? Let me out of here! Kill him slower.

Wait, wait, wait, wait! Now just listen to me, you No, no, no, no! Do it! Come on. Oh, no!

Ten credits, he doesn't last another minute. HAN: Let me out of here! I can't take it anymore! Stop, please! Get him! You tired, you mangy Kashyyykian moof-milker?

Come here. Listen to me. You don't understand, okay? I have some very good friends waiting for me at that airfield. They're leaving right now.

That's our one way off this mud ball. If you wanna live, we go that way. After that, you go whichever way you want, I don't care!

But right now, that's the way you go! Trust me! It's so stuffy! No wonder they're such lousy pilots. You can't turn your head, you can't breathe, you can't hear each other!

RIO: Hey, look who's back! Whoa, is that a Wookiee? I'll say it, I don't care. This kid's growing on me.

Don't even think about it! I'm telling you, you will never have a deeper sleep than curled up in a Wookiee's lap. Very good friends! We couldn't have done this maybe, like, one at a time?

I got us a real sweet deal here. We do this one job with them, we make some real money, and then we're free. When's the last time you could say that?

So what's your name, anyway? VAL: So we get who we need. The Xan sisters, or Bossk. But, no, instead you're putting our lives in the hands of morons.

You guys morons? Look, I waited a long time for a shot like this. I'm not about to screw it up, all right? RIO: Oh, come on, Val!

He looks so sincere. Plus, have you ever tried to disinvite a Wookiee to anything? Look, now, I have great instincts about these guys.

And, besides, do you see any other options? I just hope you know what you're doing. Yeah, I know exactly what I'm doing and why.

We're gonna clear our debts, go back to Glee Anselm, and I'm finally gonna learn how to play that valachord.

Babe, you're never gonna learn how to play the valachord. She's right. You are tone-deaf. You're after something, I know the look. What is it?

No, it's not revenge. Look at him. If it's anything, it's a girl. RIO: Oh, a girl! Tell us about the girl, Han. Is she nice?

Does she have sharp teeth? There was a girl. But I got out, she didn't. I swore to myself I'd become a pilot, get a ship, go back and find her.

That's what I'm gonna do right after this job. How you know she'll still be there? I just know. Personally, I refuse to be tied down by anyone, though many have tried.

You don't fool me. Everybody needs somebody. Even a broken down old crook like this one. How about you? What are you gonna do with your share?

He said the Wookiees were enslaved by the Empire, taken off Kashyyyk. He's searching for his, uh I don't know if he said tribe or family.

What's the difference? Show me how to do that. And this time tomorrow, you'll have more than enough to buy your own ship. Jamming their signal.

Let's find out how good we really are, folks. Never better. Enough to power a fleet! Or blow us all straight to hell! Is it a good day?

Best day of your life, my grabby friend! I don't know, you've never been to a Mynock roast on Ardennia. It's nuts! Get down to the couplers!

Rio, fall back! Well, that didn't take 'em long. Little close there, buddy! Han, what's the holdup? HAN: All right, together. They got one uncoupled.

Where are you, buddy? Thinking about opening a cantina somewhere warm but not too warm, you know? Lowering the winch cables now! I knew it!

I told him! He's coming! Damn it! I'm never gonna hear the end of this! Enfys Nest! Marauders, pirates.

Come to snake the score from under us. Move in. I got an uninvited guest. Get off of my ship! Just nicked one of my shoulders.

It's nothing. He's not okay. You gotta uncouple this one on your own! I'm on it! Keep your eyes open. We just tripped a sensor. Yeah, it looks worse than it is.

Just gotta patch it up. Maybe rest my eyes for a minute. I'm going in. You're a hell of a pilot. Rio, stay with me, buddy.

Val was right. Val's still on the track! Val, you gotta get off that bridge! We're here! They got me pinned!

I'm gonna have to finish the job from right here. It's been a ride, babe. And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

They'll let go, you fly straight! We're too close. I gotta release. You do what I tell you, Han! Chewie, grab the line! Don't you do it!

You coward! You don't listen and you can't follow orders! You have any idea what you've done?

We were not stealing for ourselves, we were hired by Crimson Dawn. Now we owe them keys of refined coaxium. When they find out we don't got it, they're gonna kill us.

We run. I'm already a deserter. The difference is the Empire doesn't send out a team of enforcers to hunt you down when you're a deserter. Dryden Vos will.

You have any idea what it's like to live with a price on your head? The only thing to do is to go to them.

Maybe I can find some way to make it up to him. For me, it's worth the risk. HAN: Happens more often than you think.

So when we get up there, Dryden Vos is waiting for us at Fort Ypso? You're gonna know how to find it?

That won't be a problem. That's all I got left. He's expecting me. He'll be with you shortly. He's just finishing with the regional governor.

Put this in my office. I might be needing it later. I get all worked up. It's a party. These people are not your friends and they're never gonna be, so don't talk to any of 'em.

Don't look at anybody, just keep your eyes down. I might get a drink. Qi'ra, what are you doing here? I work here.

What's your excuse? Qi'ra, I was I was coming back for you. It's in the past, Han. Not for me. The only reason I'm here, I was doing this job, get a little money and then I was gonna come back to Corellia and find you.

Well, now you don't have to. I'm right in front of you. That day Sometimes, a lot of times, I think If you'd have stayed, they would've killed you.

I'm glad you got out. How did you get out? I didn't. You look good. A little rough around the edges, but good. You too. Thank you, Ottilie.

Have you been attentive to Dok-Ondar? Let's drink two and see where it goes. Did you ever get that ship we were going to fly away on?

Sort of. About to. That's why I'm here. I'm working on a Very big deal. How big? And when are you going to close this enormous deal?

Any minute. I thought about you a lot. Off somewhere, some adventure. I imagined myself with you. It always made me What did I say? Look, I can't keep my eyes down the whole time.

I'm gonna bump into something. You two work together? Are you all right? Are you hurt? No, I'm fine. I'm sorry to hear about Val. But there was no way we could've anticipated I don't believe we've been introduced.

This is Han Solo and Chewbacca. They're with me. I'm Dryden Vos. I see you've already met my top lieutenant. Han and I grew up together on Corellia.

I admire anyone who can crawl their way out of the sewer. Especially, a sewer as putrid as Corellia.

And you, too, Chewbacca, welcome. We're just friends, all right? I know, Dryden, and I am sorry. You're sorry? There were factors. Enfys Nest has been a constant irritation forever.

It's one you should've anticipated, it's one you should've dealt with. Trust me, I know I made a mistake, but when you hired me, you told me no one else had this information Test me!

Test me one more time, you'll see what happens. No, I'm not interested. I'm not interested at all. You know who I answer to and you know what he'll expect of me.

He'll say, "There have to be consequences. I need you to give me a reason not to kill you all. Because I will make it up to you. No, no, no.

How will you make it up to me? By delivering exactly what was promised. We will simply steal it from somewhere else. From where?

You'll be hard pushed to find that anywhere outside an Imperial vault. Maybe Mercy Island. So, let's come up with some other options.

Other ideas that we might What about unrefined? QI'RA: Well, the only known source of astatic coaxium is a fissure vent beneath the spice mines on Kessel.

That's the one I was thinking of. That's a very, very good one. Crimson Dawn maintains a fragile alliance with the Pykes.

It's one that I can't jeopardize without risking an all-out war with the Syndicates, and that, gentlemen, I will not do. So, if that's all you have, I think we're done here.

Not all we have. We don't have any alliance with the Pykes. Right, so nobody is gonna know we're working for you. It's risky.

As soon as the raw coaxium is removed from the vault, it starts to destabilize, so unless Work with me here. Unless you could find somewhere to get it processed fast.

Yeah, it's an old refinery there and it's not under Imperial jurisdiction. The canisters will explode before you get there, so you'd need an incredibly fast ship and a brilliant pilot.

We'll find a ship. We've already got the pilot. So what do you think, my dear? You think your friend here can do what needs to be done?

Yes, I believe he can. Well, that is good news, because you're going with him to see that he does. Of course. I'll see you all on Savareen.

Savareen it is. We should do this again. It's been fun. Oh, just one more thing. If you do fail me again, we'll all be out of options.

We won't. So, I thought that went really well. Let's get this done as quick and as clean as possible.

What do you need? Do you got a line on a ship? QI'RA: I know a guy. And I know just where to find him. It's a long shot, but it's worth a try.

He's the best smuggler around. He's slipped through the Empire's fingers more times than anyone else.

He's attractive, too. Sophisticated, with impeccable taste and Not to mention his prodigious We get it.

Says he's a sportsman now. All we need is his ship. Well, he'll never part with it. He loves that ship. He won it playing Sabacc.

How was I supposed to know she was an Imperial spy? HAN: An interesting style. QI'RA: I'll say. You say he won his ship?

You have an awful Sabacc face. I'm gonna call it. HAN: I can take him. Let me at him. Absolutely not. Han, these guys are serious gamblers.

I'm serious. Stake me. Thank you. You see, how'd you guys let me beat you on that one? There's no liars in this game, just players.

HAN: Is this seat taken? If nobody's in the seat, then it ain't taken, friend. So this is, uh, Sabacc? HAN: Sabacc.

Got it. A couple times, yeah. Han Solo. HAN: Looks like you're having a good day. Can I ask you a question, Captain Calrissian?

Anything, Han. That's "Han", but that's okay. I heard a story about you. I was wondering if it's true.

Everything you've heard about me is true. Thanks, love. Did you win your ship playing cards? Oh, I've won a lot of things.

I once won a subtropical moon in the Oseon Belt. Turned out to be a real money pit. I don't think I'd have the nerve to gamble with something I love as much as my ship.

What do you fly? Right, boys? HAN: It's the fastest in the galaxy, but there's a lot of great ships out there.

I mean, I'm sure yours is very nice. Gets me where I'm goin'. Well played. HAN: Let's see what we got here. Oh, great hand! Sorry, guys.

Close, but not quite. All of 'em. Well, now I see yours. HAN: Oh, that's me? Okay, let's see Sorry, minus two.

I'll see your bet and I'll raise you. Slow down. You might wanna quit while you're ahead. You might wanna quit while you're behind.

You're adorable. And I'm serious. And I'm calling. With what? Your scarf? Not my style. My ship. Against your ship.

What the hell? Straight Staves. You're good. But not good enough. Full Sabacc. Drinks on me! They'd all been played.

Also, your guy, Captain Wonderful, is so full of bantha crap Where's my VCX? I don't have it right here now. It's in the shop.

As always. Well, I knew I was gonna see you. Get off! What are you doing with hairy and the boy?

Good help is hard to find, no? We're more like partners. We are. Excuse us. Listen, last I checked, me and Crimson Dawn, we're squared away.

Dryden said all is forgiven after I did the whole Felucia thing for him. New move, we're making the Kessel Run.

We need a ship. Why didn't you just say so? I thought you were retired. Circumstances change. How much? That's no easy spin.

I'm gonna need half the take. You're Tobias Beckett. You killed Aurra Sing. Pushed her. Pretty sure the fall killed her.

You did the galaxy a favor that day. Me, especially. I owed her a lot of money. L No! Stop exploiting droids!

My first mate. MAN: You got no business being here. Get out of here! How can you condone this savagery?

You, you. You should not be doing this. They're using you for entertainment. You've been neurowashed.

Don't just blindly follow the program. Exercise some free will! Stay away from him! He's never had it so good. How about you have a go at me, ya lumpy brute.

Bring it on! Droid rights! We are sentient!

Cyber Punk sind nicht zulässig. Wie bereits einige Das Traumschiff mir erwähnt haben war die deutsche Synchronstimme perfekt. Proxima ist enttäuscht von Hans Versagen und beabsichtigt, den jungen Corellianer für den Fehlschlag zu bestrafen. In: The Wall Street Journal. Als Check this out dies bemerkt, lässt er sich von seiner Crew, Val und Rio Durant, davon überzeugen, Chewbacca und Han ins Commuter Stream Deutsch The aufzunehmen, und gemeinsam entkommen sie der Schlacht. Deutscher Titel. In: GameStar. In: The Local. Han Solo ist sogar eine Figur, bei der zu viel Vorgeschichte schadet. Drei Jahre später ist Han Teil der imperialen Armee, nachdem er durch Ungehorsam und Befehlsverweigerung von der Akademie geflogen ist. In: The Guardian. Visa-Nummer check this out. In: VICE.

The Solo: A Star Wars Story actor talks getting the part, putting on the costume for the first time, and more.

The composer tells StarWars. The author talks to StarWars. The father and son duo talks to StarWars.

The artist discusses his surprise StarWars. Concept artist Jake Lunt Davies reveals design secrets from the film -- and shares never-before-seen explorations of Maul for his return.

Founder Andrew Booth talks to StarWars. Lucasfilm's design supervisor, James Clyne, tells StarWars. Lucasfilm design supervisor James Clyne on finding inspiration from the London Underground, biker gangs, and Frankenstein's monster.

Plus, Solo composer John Powell discusses writing the film's score, working with John Williams, and more. Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now.

Skip Navigation Disney. Log In. See All. Show More Loading What do you do? Deleted Scene: Snowball Fight! Ashley Barry-Biancuzzo.

Bria LaVorgna and Bryan Young. Jenn Fujikawa. Kelly Knox. Amy Ratcliffe. Enfys arrives, having tracked the team from Vandor, and Lando leaves in the Falcon , deserting everyone else.

Enfys reveals that she and her crew are rebels trying to strike back at the syndicates and the Empire. Han becomes sympathetic to their cause and tries to trick Vos, who reveals Beckett has already alerted him to the double-cross.

Vos sends his guards to kill Enfys, but the Cloud Riders overpower them, leaving Vos defenseless. Having anticipated Vos's strategy, Han tries to take the coaxium, but Beckett betrays Vos and escapes with it, taking Chewbacca hostage.

Qi'ra kills Vos and sends Han after Beckett. She contacts Vos's superior, the former Sith Lord Maul , to inform him of the mission's failure, which she blames on Beckett.

Maul orders Qi'ra to meet with him on Dathomir. Han confronts Beckett and shoots him before he can return fire.

Qi'ra leaves in Vos's yacht, while Han and Chewbacca give the coaxium to Enfys, who offers Han a chance to join the rebellion against the Empire.

He declines, and she gives him a vial of coaxium, enough to purchase a ship of his own. Han and Chewbacca locate Lando and challenge him to a rematch in sabacc, once again wagering the Falcon.

Han wins, having stolen the card Lando used in order to cheat; he and Chewbacca leave for Tatooine to find a crime lord who is putting together a profitable job.

The scene was not included in the finished film. After Lucas sold his company to Disney in , Kasdan was hired to help finish the script for Star Wars: The Force Awakens , leaving his son Jonathan Kasdan in charge of writing Solo until his return.

In early January , Woody Harrelson was revealed to be in negotiations to portray Han Solo's mentor, [72] and was confirmed to be appearing in the film shortly after.

Williams entered talks to join the film in early March , [77] and was confirmed shortly after, [37] portraying a half-human, half-animal creature.

Peter Serafinowicz was set to reprise his voice role as Darth Maul and had recorded dialogue during production at Pinewood Studios.

He was later informed by Lucasfilm after the film's premiere that he had been replaced by Sam Witwer in order to maintain continuity with The Clone Wars and Rebels animated TV series, in which Witwer voiced the character.

On June 20, , citing "creative differences", Lucasfilm announced that the directors had left the project with a new director "to be announced soon".

Lucasfilm also felt the directors were encouraging too much improvisation from the actors, which was believed to be "shifting the story off-course" from the Kasdans' script.

It was reported that Ron Howard , who had previously collaborated with Lucas as an actor in American Graffiti and the director of Willow , was a frontrunner to step in as director.

I hope to honor the great work already done and help deliver on the promise of a Han Solo film. Williams was unable to return to the production, due to a schedule conflict with filming The Red Sea Diving Resort , resulting in his part being redeveloped and recast with Paul Bettany.

Lucas, Howard's friend, mentor and collaborator, made a surprise visit to the set to encourage Howard on his first day shooting. Intended as a short meeting, Lucas spent the whole day with the crew.

While Lucas had not meant to interfere, at some point he forgot and asked "Why doesn't Han just do this?

He would utilize miniature models and built a 3D model of the mountain in the film and blew it up with a variety of firecrackers within a large fish tank built at Pinewood.

The team took inspiration from the YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys , specifically a video of the creators Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy conducting an experiment that saw them blowing up firecrackers in a fish tank to capture the explosion in slow motion.

Taken into consideration by the design team was s culture, examining muscle cars , as well as concept art drafted for the film.

Lead designer James Clyne described adding an escape pod to the front of the ship as solving a curiosity he had as a boy as to why the Falcon had that design.

This allowed the actors to have a visual reference for the scene. The creation of L3 was a combination of practical and visual effects.

Actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge was present on set and wore a costume to perform her scenes, with post-production visual effects done to erase Waller-Bridge out of the footage and to add in interior pieces and wires.

In July , John Powell was announced as the main composer of the score. In December , Williams wrote two musical pieces and combined them to create Han's theme.

It also had 5. The first official teaser trailer was released on February 5, Graeme McMillan of The Hollywood Reporter criticized the trailer as "dull", and compared it negatively to the look of Rogue One , opining that the visuals "should be the hive of scum and villainy of the Cantina of the very first movie, filled with colorful aliens and things happening all over the place.

That busyness, the sense of danger and hustle, feels appropriate for Solo in a way that what's on show in this first trailer simply doesn't.

In early March , French artist Hachim Bahous asserted that Disney had plagiarized a series of album covers he designed for Sony Music 's label Legacy Recordings in France with character posters for the film.

Disney stated they were investigating the alleged plagiarism and that the Solo posters had been produced by an outside vendor. The film opened in 4, theaters, the ninth-highest total ever, including 3, 3D locations and IMAX screens.

The website's critical consensus reads, "A flawed yet fun and fast-paced space adventure, Solo: A Star Wars Story should satisfy newcomers to the saga as well as longtime fans who check their expectations at the theater door.

Writing for Rolling Stone , Peter Travers gave the film 2. Scott of The New York Times said, "It doesn't take itself too seriously, but it also holds whatever irreverent, anarchic impulses it might possess in careful check.

For the New York Post , Johnny Oleksinski gave the film one star out of a possible four, writing that while Glover was "amusing" in his role, Ehrenreich was "given an impossible task: to make us forget about Harrison Ford, easily the most iconic action hero in modern cinema".

Characters like him are cheap and plentiful. It was the formidable charisma of Harrison Ford that turned him into a pop culture juggernaut.

Solo is no exception. Particular praise was pointed towards Glover's performance as Lando Calrissian. Ron Howard said that original Han Solo actor Harrison Ford saw the film twice and spoke positively about it and Ehrenreich's performance.

If you're talking about this huge, incredible story, why lock yourself into this tiny moment between a character like Lando and his robot friend?

Alden Ehrenreich confirmed his contract deal to appear as Han Solo extended for two additional films, giving the studio the option to pursue a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story , or feature him in other anthology films in a supporting capacity.

Ron Howard said that while no sequel was in development, it was up to the fans to decide. On June 20, , Collider claimed that all future anthology films were on hold due to the disappointing financial performance of Solo.

The campaign was a mixture of celebrating the first movie and to spread awareness that a sequel is wanted.

The campaign reached multiple people involved with the film, including Ron Howard. To express his gratitude, Jon Kasdan tweeted an image of three crime syndicate logos, hinting that future stories could still be in the works.

I think a feature, at this point, would be a tough sell". On May 25, , fans again used the hashtag MakeSolo2Happen to show their appreciation for the film on its second anniversary.

The hashtag went viral with fans arguing that the film deserved more praise and once again calls were made for a continuation of the story.

Additionally, a seven-issue comic book adaptation of the film was published by Marvel Comics starting in October , written by Robbie Thompson and pencilled by Will Sliney.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Jonathan Kasdan Lawrence Kasdan. John Powell John Williams [b].

Lucasfilm Ltd. During reshoots, Michael K. Williams left was not able to return due to scheduling conflicts. Paul Bettany would be cast to replace Williams, and the character as a whole was reshaped.

John Williams ' involvement was actually a huge factor in my wanting to take this gig. I have such respect—perhaps awe is a better term—for the musical history of this series that being able to have the film-scoring equivalent of Yoda be part of it was a massive incentive, and an obvious advantage that I could not let pass.

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